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Teaching Children to Seek the Lord

Children love to play hide and seek. They relish the anticipation of finding the ones who have hidden. In a similar way, what joy it is to seek our heavenly Father and anticipate all the delights of an intimate relationship with Him.

Explain to your children the importance of seeking God. Unless a believer is willing to pursue a relationship with God, he or she will never develop a solid Christian walk. When we pursue knowing Him better, He shares with us divine wisdom and perfect guidance. Most importantly, He reveals His amazing love for us, which motivates us to please Him. 

Tell your children the Lord will guide them in decisions regarding friends, school situations, family relationships, and any problem that comes their way. Your kids need the confidence of knowing the Lord is with them at all times, and that He is interested in every part of their lives.

Some tips on teaching your children to seek the Lord:

  • Model intentional prayer and Bible study. Your children will observe your actions and want to follow your lead.
  • Seek God’s guidance and direction. When He answers, tell your children about it. This will encourage them to pursue answers for their own lives and share them with you. As this back-and-forth conversation happens regularly, your children will come to see that seeking the Lord’s will is a very natural, enjoyable aspect of the Christian life. You may want to have them memorize the great Bible promise, “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart” (Jer. 29:13).
  • Encourage your children to write down their questions then seek the Lord for answers during their quiet times. They can record both questions and answers in a spiritual journal. (Be sure to assure them that their journals will remain private.) Keeping track of God’s answers will encourage your children to continue building a close relationship with Him.

As with other matters of educating our kids, parents must seize teachable moments throughout the day to show children how to seek the Lord. He wants to be found and delights in fellowshipping with all who know Him.



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