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Article Archive

Book Excerpt: Personalizing Meditation

Find victory over the stresses and trials in your life today.
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The Virtue of Slow Reading

We live in a fast-paced, task-oriented culture. What might we learn by intentionally slowing down when reading God’s Word?
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Up To My Elbows

God isn't a “single serving” kind of provider, but one who blesses us beyond all measure.
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Book Excerpt: Never Alone

When feelings of loneliness engulf you, turn your focus away from what you don’t have toward what you do have—God Himself.
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Sharing the Gospel in Honduras

Christians in the small village of Delicias, Honduras, learn about Christ and are encouraged to share the gospel with the In Touch Messenger.
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23 Qualities of a Person With a Strong Life

Life is full of difficult challenges, hardships, and joys. But God is faithful to give us what we need, not only to endure, but to thrive.
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Are You Strong Enough?

They lost so much, but they didn't lose their strong faith. Is your trust in God strong enough to handle the challenges of life?
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How do you survive the night when the sun goes down on your dreams?
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Walking on the Truth

If you have the gift of prophecy, why not bless others through the gift God has given you? Go speak truth today.
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Lipstick on a Bear

It’s if you experience conflict; it’s when. The best way to handle conflict is with prayer.
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