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Magazine Articles

The Beloved Disciple

Jesus as Friend of the Apostle John Read the Article.


Help From the One Who Cries Out

Jesus as Friend of John the Baptist Read the Article.


From Fisherman to Fisher of Men

Jesus as Friend of Peter Read the Article.


Breaking Bread With the Betrayer

Jesus as Friend of Judas Read the Article.


Resting at the Feet of the Lord

Jesus as Friend to Mary and Martha Read the Article.


A Love That Draws Us Back

Jesus as Friend of Thomas Read the Article.


What a Friend We Have

In a world filled with pain and brokenness, do you ever wonder if God even cares? Read the Article.


Making Friends ... and Keeping Them

While it may be challenging to make lasting friendships, this is one part of life that can’t be ignored. Read the Article.


A Deeper Pursuit

The search for happiness may be the world’s goal, but it isn’t ours as Christians. Instead, God calls us to seek joy. Read the Article.


No Church for Old Men

In our quest to build relationships, let’s not forget the living treasures among us—namely, those who are older and wiser. Read the Article.


Jesus As Friend

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live with Jesus—in the flesh? Read the Article.


An Essential Emotion

Life is empty without love—but if we don’t have God’s kind of love we miss the whole point. Read the Article.


Common Calling Friendships

Each person has a calling put upon them by God. But did you ever think it’s also a great way to make friends? Read the Article.


The Problem With Brotherly Love

Let’s face it—sometimes it’s easier to love strangers than those closest to us. Read the Article.


Binding the Broken

Jesus came to redeem and restore a shattered world—and He won’t stop until He’s done. Read the Article.


Set Junkie

In Touch broadcasts to viewers worldwide—and Gary Longenecker is one of the people who make it happen. Read the Article.


The Surprising Architecture of God’s Story

God began His narrative with the ending in mind—restoration. But things aren’t always rosy in the in-between. Read the Article.


It’s All How You Look at It

What are you facing—a devastating circumstance or an opportunity to rejoice? Often, the answer depends on perspective. Read the Article.


Do You Want to Be Whole?

When we’re broken, it’s hard to imagine being complete. But Jesus calls us into the fullness of life with Him. Read the Article.


Delivery and Deliverance

It’s difficult to imagine any good in pain. But like childbirth, there is often joy on the other side of suffering. Read the Article.

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