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The Signature of the Spirit

Walking in the Spirit involves moment-by-moment sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. But is there an objective standard by which we can measure the vitality of our relationship with Him?  Read the article. 
Title Broadcast Date Categories
Kindness November 02, 2014
The Two Paths of Life October 26, 2014 Jesus Christ, Salvation, Heaven,
A Strong Life October 19, 2014 Discipleship, Christian Life, Strong,
A Strong Family October 12, 2014 Family, Strong, relationships,
A Strong Church October 05, 2014 Beliefs, Fellowship, Church,
The Awareness of God's Presence September 28, 2014 Cross, Calvary, Acceptance,
The Third Step - Service September 21, 2014 Giving, Character, Fulfillment,
The Second Step - Growth September 14, 2014 Character, Christian Life, Faith,
The First Step - Salvation September 07, 2014 Assurance of Salvation, Acceptance, Body of Christ,
Resting In The Faithfulness of God August 31, 2014 Discipleship, Faithfulness, 110731—Resting In The Faithfulness of God,
Title Broadcast Date Categories
Family/Parenting June 19, 2011 Family, Parenting, Ask Dr. Stanley,
Family/Parenting June 03, 2011 Family, Parenting, Ask Dr. Stanley,
Prosperity May 29, 2011 Ask Dr. Stanley, Prosperity,
Prayer May 22, 2011 Prayer, Ask Dr. Stanley,
Reading the Bible May 15, 2011 Bible, Scripture, Ask Dr. Stanley,
National Day of Prayer May 01, 2011 Prayer, Ask Dr. Stanley,
Salvation April 24, 2011 Salvation, Ask Dr. Stanley,
Church April 17, 2011 Cross, Redemption, Reconciliation,
Discipline April 15, 2011 Ask Dr. Stanley, Discipline,
Forgiveness April 10, 2011 Forgiveness, Ask Dr. Stanley,
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