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Article Archive

Are You Working Out Your Salvation?

Have you ever wondered what it means to “work out your salvation with fear and trembling?” (Philippians 2:12). Today, we have an answer for you.
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It’s Okay If You Don’t…

God doesn't ask us to prove ourselves. He asks us to rest in His presence.
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Five Ways to Help a New Believer

After the joyful moment of salvation, it’s time to think about how to lead a new Christian into a lifelong, healthy relationship with his or her heavenly Father.
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I Can’t Do It on My Own

Discover why we feel defeated when we try to be good enough for God.
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15 Tips for Dealing With a Crisis

We all go through tough times, so we might as well be prepared!
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What Faith Is For

God gives us a solid place to stand when everything else in our life gets tossed around.
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Not Just Swapping Labels

You can't become a Christian just by doing the right things. Something must change on the inside.
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A Mindset for Power

A sudden case of paralysis illustrates the importance of walking by faith.
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The First Injury

While pain and suffering are inevitable, a broken relationship is not.
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A Long Ride

The book of Revelation gives us promises that can strengthen our faith and help us “sit back and enjoy the ride.”
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