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Magazine Articles

Just Like a Child

Despite the obstacles, four guys ripped open a roof in order to get their friend to Jesus. How far are we willing to go to bring others to Him? Read the Article.


Man of Letters

When it comes to receiving mail, no one is happier than him. Meet Allen Maddox, In Touch’s Writer for Doctrine & Theology. Read the Article.


In a Foreign Land

Marriage is always uncharted territory. Good thing that we have a partner to explore it with. Read the Article.


Be Someone’s Luann

It’s easy to be a friend to those who gladly walk into our churches. But who goes after the ones who walk out? Read the Article.


Gratitude in the Grind

When searching for meaning in the day-to-day ordinariness of life, make sure to lift your eyes heavenward. Read the Article.


Not Sick (Just a Sabbath-Breaker)

Keeping the Sabbath isn’t just about following the rules—it’s about remembering what part we play in God’s narrative. Read the Article.


In the Numbers

Going from Wall Street to the streets, Jimmy Lee uses the wisdom of God to rescue victims of sex trafficking. Read the Article.


Childish Things

In retrospect, days from our childhood can reveal new insight into who we are now. Read the Article.


Width, Length, Height, Depth

BY TANIA RUNYAN Read the Article.


Soft Moss and Relentless Time

A poet, abolitionist, and philanthropist, Hannah More is proof that our obedience to God can leave a lasting legacy. Read the Article.


When Jesus Invites Himself Over

Jesus loved everyone He encountered—and we must do the same. Read the Article.


An Essential Emotion

Life is empty without love—but if we don’t have God’s kind of love we miss the whole point. Read the Article.


On Love’s Foundation

Do you want a true friend? Then roll up your sleeves. True friendship requires effort. Read the Article.


A Love That Draws Us Back

Jesus as Friend of Thomas Read the Article.


The Beloved Disciple

Jesus as Friend of the Apostle John Read the Article.


Help From the One Who Cries Out

Jesus as Friend of John the Baptist Read the Article.


From Fisherman to Fisher of Men

Jesus as Friend of Peter Read the Article.


Breaking Bread With the Betrayer

Jesus as Friend of Judas Read the Article.


Resting at the Feet of the Lord

Jesus as Friend to Mary and Martha Read the Article.


What a Friend We Have

In a world filled with pain and brokenness, do you ever wonder if God even cares? Read the Article.

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